Car Repair

At Howells Automotive we can take care of all your auto repair needs, from oil changes and brakes, to computer problems and driveability issues. We work on exhaust and cooling systems, air conditioning and heating, and do engine and transmission replacements. We have the diagnostic equipment to handle all of your automotive computer and electrical issues. We can also give you an estimate on all services.

Body Work

We work with all makes and models. From minor to major repairs and vehicle painting, we ensure that your car looks beautiful again. Your vehicle will be worked on by highly skilled professionals. Our attention to detail, combined with the most current equipment in the industry speeds up the repair process. Body Kits, Fiberglass panels, Flame Jobs, Motorcycle Painting, shaved door handles: We have worked with it all. Customizing your ride is what we do and we do it right. We can repair and customize your ride to what you have envisioned and dreamed.

Radiator Repair

Heating, Cooling, and Fuel Delivery problems can strike at any time, and for many reasons. When they do, you need a dependable and knowledgeable team who can get the problem rectified as quickly as possible. At Howells Automotive, that is exactly what you can expect.


While many springs can last the life of a car (though not always) shocks and struts and the rubber-mounted bushings to they attach, are wear items, that need to be periodically inspected and replaced. Howells Automotive can perform all types of suspension work to keep you in control.

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